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Key questions answered about deploying pro-Forms® in your school

We are here to help get all our customers up & running with the system as painlessly as we can. We understand that each customer has to go at a speed that is right for them, right for their staff and fits with all the many other things going on within the school at any one time. Our staff are very skilled at helping & supporting!

pro-Forms® can be applied to virtually any process within a school that involves the collection of data, subsequent analysis of that data and then the reporting of the analysis to others. Typically, the system is used to replace slow and cumbersome paper based data collection which relies on staff admin time to collate, sort and re-type/ analyse before it is possible to share and use this as information.

Take for example, obtaining parental consent for a school trip for a year group of 90 pupils. This would traditionally have meant 90 pieces of paper being printed out & given to pupils to take home - a proportion of which we all know would not have made it even that far! You are totally reliant on parents to correctly (and legibly!) fill in the slip and hand to their child to return to school by the cut off date. A member of staff would then sit and collate the retuned slips by class and probably either type up a list of who is and isn't going or hand a pile of slips to the class teacher/ teaching assistant to do likewise.

You start to get the picture, right? Multiple handling of incorrect, illegible and often late pieces of paper that cost your school in staff time and printing resources. And then there's the inevitable follow up questions from parents -'Did I say 'yes' or 'no' I can't remember!' 'Did I mention the peanut allergy?' 'I sent the whole form back and now can't remember what time to pick my child up after the trip' etc etc the list of possibilities goes on.

How about this instead?
Take 10 minutes to build an electronic form with mandatory fields for all the vital pieces of information - child name, class, can go/ can't go etc. Set a cut off date as the deadline for returns after which the form stops working. Take 5 minutes to set up a report which collates all the form replies by class and alaphabetically by pupil and set an email address and date & time that the report will be automatically sent to the class teachers. Send the unique form link out by either email or SMS text to the 90 parents who conveniently click the link on their phone, tablet or home/ work PC, fill in the form and tap Submit to reply.

Job done, sit back and look forward to the trip.

Yes, you can. All they will need is either a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The forms created by pro-Forms® are fully compatible with the standard web browsers already on these devices.

Each form has a unique link which can sent to people via email or SMS text message. Simply clicking/ tapping on the link opens the form to be completed. Alternatively, the unique links can be placed on the school website, internal staff system, Twitter feed or Facebook pages.

There are no barriers to who fills in and sends a form back so long as you give them access to the unique form link. You can however, password protect a form if you want to limit who can fill it in.

People will NOT require an account & password to fill in forms - if you send them the link they can fill them in.

For staff to access the pro-Forms® system to build forms, view form submissions, create reports etc. they will require a user account within the school pro-Forms® Work Group. More information on this can be found here.

Yes you can.

Often a school will start with the base Plan to get up & running and then expand the areas of usage once staff have embraced the new processes. You sign-up for an initial 12 months License but you can upgrade at any time within that period to a higher Plan by paying the relevant additional sum. A new 12 month License period will commence at the upgrade point.

1. Simply locate the form in the Library and click on the 'Use Form' option. This will add the form to your own Work Group from the Library.

2. Edit the form to apply your school theme (branding, colours, logo etc).

3. Make any changes you require to the form questions.

4. Download the custom export to your computer from the Export Formats option. Make the changes in the Word document to reflect any alterations to the questions you have made including swapping the sample logo for your own school logo & then re-upload the export.

5. Edit the Custom Report to add your school theme and make any changes to include new form fields ypu may have added.

6. Add any triggers under the Work Flow option to set up pre-determined email addresses where the Custom Exports are to be sent to when forms are submitted to the system.

Yes it is.

The pro-Forms® system is hosted at UKFast in Manchester, England. UK Fast is the UK's leading Public Sector hosting company and guarantees UK Data Sovereignty click here for more information.

Our system uses the latest encryption technologies to ensure your data is safe and secure during transit to the hosting facility and whilst stored in the pro-Forms® system.


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