Delivering efficiency in your key school processes

Collect, analyse & manage the information you need - when you need it

Existing processes

Understand how, where and when your existing information comes from.

Identify current problems

Including timeliness, format, quality, access and retrieval.

Implement solutions

Introduce new simple efficient processes for staff, parents & others.

Monitor improvements

Time saved, reduced purchases, new insights and reporting.

Ofsted will judge how well leaders and Governors engage with parents, carers and other stakeholders and agencies to support all pupils


simple steps to implementing pro-Forms® in your school

As part of the initial system set-up we will work with you to carry out these 5 simple steps meaning you can get on with the important task at hand ~ running your busy school. Worry free, no drawn out set-up time and fully supported throughout, what could be easier?

Identify the processes you want to improve

This important first step usually involves identifying which paper-based school processes are the most difficult to collect information from in a timely and consistent manner. Once you have the areas you wish to concentrate on, you can either use forms & reports from the comprehensive pre-built library or build what is required using the simple online tools.

  • Search pre-built library for forms & reports to match your processes
  • Simple tools to add/ amend or build new forms
  • Comprehensive range of field component types
  • Form intelligence including page skip logic, show & hide fields and advanced formatting
  • Tools to help drive data quality improvements
Replace your inefficient paper-based school processes
Add branding to drive user adoption

Adding a 'theme' to forms to include your school logo and colours etc will help achieve uptake and adoption of your new processes by staff, parents and others. Themes can be saved and applied to all forms, replies and reports so ensuring a consistent look & feel for your school users.

  • Ensures instant recognition, user adoption and encourages a response
  • Upload logos and wallpaper images for branding on forms
  • Define colours for individual form elements such as buttons, borders and text
  • Save themes for quick application to future forms, replies and reports
Brand forms for increased adoption & uptake
Configure replies, layouts & reports

A major benefit of replacing paper systems with pro-Forms® is the level of control you have over how people submit data on forms leading to significant savings on staff admin time. Another considerable time saving feature is the ability to set automatic replies to staff & parents containing for example, a copy of information they have just submitted. This incredibly powerful feature takes away mundane admin activities freeing staff up to spend time on more valuable activities.

  • Password protect forms & reports
  • Set workflow rules to automatically handle replies and movement of information
  • Create tailored reply formats to be handled by the workflow feature
  • Define a form submission 'window deadline' date
  • Limit submissions from the same location (by IP address)
Configure replies, layouts and reports
Make forms available to staff, parents, carers etc.

Because pro-Forms® has been designed to be used within a browser on any type of internet connected device - desktop, laptop or mobile device - making forms available to staff, parents and carers is really flexible and simple.

Each form is given a unique link which when clicked opens the form directly in the browser on that device - no passwords, apps or login details required!

  • Send out form links to staff, parents & carers by email and SMS text
  • Place staff only form links on internal networks
  • Use school website, Twitter & Facebook accounts for parent & carer forms
Share form links with staff, parents & carers
Access submitted forms, data analytics & reports

Analysing and reporting on submitted data is a crucial element in replacing your old school processes and you are fully supported in this thanks to an extremely powerful and flexible set of pro-Forms® tools.

No more scrambling to compile reports in time for senior leadership or Governor meetings, simply set the system to automatically send the necessary reports out in advance - inluding password protection for added security.

  • Use the quick 'ANALYTICS' option for an instant overview of submitted data
  • Build and save powerful reports for deeper analysis & insight
  • Create & save custom reports in different formats
  • Set automatic report creation schedules
Powerful reporting & insights to school activities

Select which option best fits your school


Choose & tailor forms to meet your processes


We are here to get and keep you up & running painlessly


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