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Solution overview

  • Intelligent electronic forms Replace paper-based information collection with convenient & highly efficient intelligent electronic forms
  • Easy to use for staff & parents Simple & covenient data collection for staff & parents using desktops, laptops & mobiles
  • Powerful analysis & reporting Powerful tools to analyse captured data & automate custom reporting saving significant admin time
  • Individual schools, academies, MACs & Diocese Flexible & scalable to meet the needs of all types of educational organisations
  • Guaranteed UK Data Sovereignty Secure hosting at UKFast Manchester, the leading UK Public Sector hosting provider

Easy to implement, applicable to all key school processes, instant budget savings

Replacing costly, inefficient and time consuming paper-based administrative processes in a school environment is often one of the most overlooked opportunities for achieving budget savings in the educational sector ~ something that is increasingly difficult to ignore in the current budget conscious climate.

We specialise in helping schools do exactly this : identifying and replacing outdated and costly activities with highly efficient, intelligent data collection, analysis and powerful reporting for use by staff, parents, Governors and other related parties. Thanks to minimal set-up requirements, secure online hosting and utilisation of existing browser technologies, instant savings can be quickly realised across whole school activities.

Maximising reducing school budgets

As school budgets continue to be squeezed and we need to do more for every £1, pro-Forms® allows us to streamline the way we run our backoffice and therefore save money and time.

Matthew Smith, Sheringham Woodfields School

Solution benefits

  • Eliminate slow & unreliable paper-based data collection

  • Minimise unproductive staff admin time

  • Save on printing, stationery, postage & fax costs

  • Instant, convenient access to analysis & reporting

  • Enhanced data quality and consistency

  • Controlled, shared secure access to information

  • Simple to use for staff, parents and others

Typical applications/ school processes

  • Exam performance – early reporting
  • Annual Diocesan Service Charge levy
  • Training course bookings
  • Head Teacher & Governor inductions
  • Academisation monitoring & reporting
  • Individual academy data collection
  • Shared services management
  • Centralised HR data collection
  • Inspections & reviews e.g. Section 48
  • Insurance & compliance monitoring
  • Pupil/ staff accident reporting
  • Incident reporting e.g. bullying/ racial
  • Behaviour management
  • School visit risk assessments
  • Nagging doubts
  • Safeguarding concerns
  • Volunteer information pre-DBS check
  • Physical intervention reporting
  • Staff Purchase Orders
  • Staff absence reporting
  • Leave of absence requests
  • Expense claims
  • Supply staff timesheets
  • Asset recording & registers
  • Staff personal information
  • Lesson observations
  • Premises faults/ breakages
  • Statutory tests
  • School vehicle checks
  • Graffiti removal requests
  • Vandalism reporting
  • Insurance claims
  • Parent annual consent forms
  • Annual parental surveys
  • Approval to administer medicines
  • Pupil Premium information
  • School trip consent
  • Requests for Term Time absence
  • Special dietry requirements
  • Medical history/ allergies notification
  • ICT equipment fault reports
  • Request for equipment install/ set-up
  • Hardware/ software training requests
  • Lunch supervision rota
  • Meal orders

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