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The hidden costs of collecting & managing data inefficiently

20% of time

Searching for documents takes up about 20% of an employee’s time.

3% of documents

3% of an organization’s paper documents are misfiled.

20 minutes to answer

It can take 20 minutes to answer a question from paper.

7.5% documents lost

7.5% of all company documents are lost completely.

The benefits of collecting quality data

Get the detail right, first time & every time

Forms are built with validation features to ensure that no required/ key data is missed or spurious information added.

Improved response times & instant data access

Forms can be completed at times convenient to parents & staff ensuring high response rates.

Better engagement with parents & staff

Thanks to the simplicity and convenience of browser based forms there are no barriers to people submitting data.

Easier collection & analysis of data

Forms are compatible with desktops, laptops & mobiles - no passwords and logins to remember.

New insights & identification of trends

Powerful instant analytics and reporting saves many laborious manual hours compiling reports.

Improved safeguarding procedures & practices

Capture & manage key safeguarding information as incidents occur without waiting for paper based submissions.